Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Launch of Chef Kunal Kapur’s new Cook Book along with Master Class

On 16th Feb 2014 Chef Kunal Kapur lauched his new Cook Book “A Chef in Every Home”. This was not just a launch but also a Master Class with the Chef himself.  I was lucky one to be a part of this, as there were only limited seats.

The Master Class included three dishes from chef’s cook book. We started with Aubergine and Peanut Chutney. Aubergine itself put me off, only thing that I would eat is baigain ka barta nothing beyond that.  And a chutney of baigain is something I would have never imagine or even dare to make. When Chef Kunal gave us the tasting portion, surprising it stolen the show. It was amazing finger-licking and we could not resist the second helping.
Initial stage of Chutney

Chef Kunal Kapur in action 

Getting formed into Chutney

Final Result of Aubergine Chutney

Chef with his new cook book and recipe

Aubergine and Peanut Chutney

He then showed us Khoba Roti with his twist to the traditional rajasthani khoba roti. The incision on roti gave a designer look. A sure shot way to impress your guests with the designer cook within you J.

Rolling the roti dough

Making incurison on Khobe Roti

Khobe Roti with all the creativity display on to the roti

Final Khobe Roti

Finished Khobe Roti with Aubergine Chutney

After the ghee smeared khoba roti we were taken to the tour of healthy breakfast cereal, Granola Parfait Two Ways. This was quick and instant healthy breakfast recipe with granola, curd and fresh fruits. The recipe was so easy, quick and above all tasty that one could easily incorporate in their daily diet. A healthy and tasty way to start your day.
Granola Parfait Two Ways

Chef Kunal with his Cook Book and healthy breakfast Granola

While the class all of us were having an interactive fun session with the chef. There were some inquisitive aunties, who even embarrassed chef with some personal question. But chef was smart enough to answer them all diplomatically.

After the entire cooking workshop, Foodhall at Palladium served us mushroom quiche and mini potato jacket from their kitchen counter, which was yummy. 

Mini Potato Jacket

Mushroom Quiche

Overall had a fun filling and amazing cooking experience with Chef Kunal Kapur. And also thanks to Foodhall for being such a wonderful host :).