Saturday, 20 December 2014

Haji Ali Juice Center, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

I was not very surprised to see this iconic juice center listed on zomato as its endured the winds of change and still stands strong like the Haji ali Mosque in the background. The sheer joy of driving by the sea with our uncle bundling all the cousins in his Trax and we as kids getting all noisy and impish was all such pure fun.

But that was years ago and the few recent visits have left a very mediocre impression about this place. Not because we are used to more exotic and novel juices, but its entirely due to the deterioration in its quality. Milk shakes are no longer creamy and thick, juices are diluted and sweetened with sugar rather than getting the real fruity taste...its just sweet with sugar additives. 

Yet the place attracts and will continue to attract hordes of people because of the name and fame it has earned in the past and also because of the amazing spot its located at. Hope they come back to their Original selves without compromise.

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