Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Teapot Cafe Review

I was so pleasantly surprised after visiting this place as they serve Italian food (Good to taste), American- Subs, burgers, and rolls (Pretty decent). And also PARSI that tastes like Parsi food !

I have tried quite a bit of their versatile menu and every single time I was a Happy Diner !!

This place is small and snug and not easily visible though it is opposite Bombay House at Fort. As soon as we entered it was a sheer Jaw Dropper. The main area was beautifully Unique with the seating arrangement being different from each other. Some had regular glass topped tables with contemporary chairs, some were wooden tables, some had typical Living room sofa set that was good enough to turn someone into a compulsive couch potato !! It also has a small mezzanine section with some plastic chairs and again a cozy couch setup. The area that caught my attention was the beautifully arranged colourful Tea Pots.

So ambiance wise I am just In Love with this place. Now when it comes to the food it again has won our hearts to the core. They serve Yummy Double hotdogs, a 3 deckered Giant Sandwich that acts like complete meal, authentic carbonara pasta (cheesy with bacon bits and eggs), chicken arabiatta- again so original in taste.

Double Hotdog
Bacon Egg Cheese Burger
Their baked dish is simple... but so good that it seemed like being whipped up by some Loving Grandma for her Pet Grand kids. Chicken dhansak also tasted very Parsi and not like some lousy experimental dish. I also love the chicken stroganoff which is Bland, yet has all the elements of an excellent creamy chicken dish.

Dhansak with Brown Rice
So guys, this place will never cease to surprise and get you excited over all the variety they have. What sets them apart is, that most of the food tastes very Homely and doesn't have the restaurant feel to it. Whatever I have had here was amazingly Delicious and I would keep on making more trips for the items that i Have tried and the ones that i Havent !!

Photos Courtesy: The Teapot Cafe