Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Espresso and Dark Chocolate Mousse with D'lecta

Sometime a random call to a friend can result into a pleasant invite.  This is what happened with me when I called my blogger friend Anahita Irani, who informed me about this meet and shared the details.

D’lecta and HumBhiChef had organized a Bloggers meet cum cooking workshop and I was glad to be invited for this event.

HumBhiChef conducts regular cooking training and demonstration every week. They are the training arms of D’lecta Foods Pvt. Ltd. D’lecta is a well known brand with various range of dairy, bakery and vending products.  Their dairy products are widely and popularly used in airlines and hospitality industries.  Here are just glimpse of their range of product. 

The event was at D’lecta Corporate office, Goregaon. When I entered I was so glad to see my blogger friends Shalini Digvijay of Baketitude, Gauri K of MissalPao. Soon Uttpal Krushna of Fashionable Foodz also joined us.

We soon got into checking out on all the D’lecta products displayed on the table. Now it was time for some real action in the kitchen. Chef Priya Dikshit, an official chef of D’lecta started demonstrating 4 dessert recipe using D’lecta products.  She was so sweet and patient with us as we started pouring her with questions, and she answered them all with a smile. The 4 desserts which were learned were Eggless Baked Cheesecake, Baked Yoghurt, Black Forest Cheesecake and Espresso and Dark Chocolate Mousse. 
1) Dessert #1 Eggless Baked Cheesecake:

2) Dessert #2 Baked Yoghurt: 

3) Dessert #3 Black Forest Cheesecake:

4) Dessert #4 Espresso and Dark Chocolate Mousse:

At the end of the workshop we were awarded with the certificate and a goodie bag J

Baked Yoghurt and Espresso & Dark Chocolate Mousse turned out to be my most favourite dessert. So today I will be sharing one of my favorite dessert ie. Espresso & Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Expresso and Dark Chocolate Mousse  - Serving 8


Dark or white Chocolate  – 200 gms plus 1 tbsp grated
D’Lecta Dairy Cream – 100 gms
Instant Coffee – 4 tbsp
D’lecta non Dairy whip Topping – 300 gms plus 40 gms
Canned Cherries – 8


Melt the chocolate and keep aside.

Add a spoon of Instant coffee powder to the chocolate.

Boil the cooking cream in a pan and pour over the chocolate immediately.

Stir to form a smooth sauce. Let it cool to room temperature.

Whip the whipping cream and fold gently all of it except 40 gms in the chocolate sauce.

Pour in individual shot glasses or in a single big bowl and keep in refrigerator to set.

Garnished with the 40 gms whipped cream, cherries and grated chocolate.

Serve chilled.

Enjoy the chillied Chocolatie Mousse :)