Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I received an invitation for the meet and I quickly responded to it, my first bloggers meet. This was at JIWA experience center. It is a cute little place at Prabhat Kunj, 24th Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai. 

This place has a uniquely designed small sit-out. The table and seats are in the form of wood log which gives a natural look and the highlight is the vertical garden with mainly herbal plants. The inside area is mainly for the customers to witness the live cooking process. The owner Raghav Gupta calls this space an experience center. He says, “Our purpose is to inspire a healthier lifestyle through natural, nutritious and wholesome food”.

Exterior Layout
They are traditionally into making atta, suji, maida etc...for past 50 years and Raghav Gupta is the third generation who has taken this profession into the next level. He did research on double grains and got food technologies, food scientist, dehydrating specialist and a couple of nutritionists. They worked closely on the product with Dr. Haridas Rao, a PhD in roti making. There are specific atta for different age group and people e.g Youth focus for 8 -21 years, Slimming Atta, Women’s Best, Blood Pressure Care, Diabetic Care, Nutra Multigrain, Nutra Soya etc…

Product Range

Price List
He said “Our primary objective has been to retain all the goodness of a regular chappati, this will bake like a regular chappati, will taste like a regular chappati and most of them will look like a regular chappati, the roti will puff like a normal pulka but will have all the goodness of additional grains and ingredients.” Unlike any regular atta/flour, Jiwa atta consist of combination of different grains, seeds (like flax seed, sesame seed etc.), dehydrated fruits/vegetables and probiotic as per the flour requirements.

We then headed toward the experience center zone. All different flours were beautifully packed in rectangular packets in 3 different sizes and arranged on the classic shelves. What caught my eyes was an antique metal flour mill at the center on the wall. This zone was simple yet elegantly designed.

Product and Flour Mill Display 
We walked toward the service counter, where all types of flour/atta were arranged in a glass jar. We could actually see how each atta looks and the difference between each of them. They showed us the demo with 4 – 5 different flours right from making the dough to roasting and puffing them. We were then given to taste, each one tasted different from the other, we could actually identify some of the ingredients. My personal favourite was Slimming atta, Diabetic Care and Nutra Soya.

Atta to Roti

Roti with Dips
 Raghav then showed us their customized order form/ menu. In this one can choose their own roti/atta, base, dips and main stuffing for the wrap. We were also asked to make our own choice. The wraps were perfectly rolled with sufficient amount of dips and stuffing. Each wrap tasted different with it’s unique combination and we relished every bite of it.

Varieties of Wraps
This is like a quick complete meal by itself with carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, essential fats/oil and even probiotic. I would surely go for a next visit and would suggest the same to others. I am sure you won’t regret.


Prabhat Kunj,
24th Road,
Off Linking Road
Bandra (West),