Friday, 11 April 2014

The LiI Flea Market

The idea of bringing Goa’s flea market feel in Mumbai was a good try, but in summer?  Very wrong timing.  In this scorching heat of summer organizing a flea market was not a happening idea.  More-over no provision of drinking water dispenser at all. There was only one stall which was selling Bisleri and that too went out of stock due to heavy demand. When there is an enter fee, can’t you arrange for a basic thing like WATER? This is indeed a height of disorganization. And ya… this was not just my opinion but also got such negative feedback from few more visitors on my way back home.

The market was divided into two sections by an open air performance space for artists. One side was for the exhibition and pop-up stalls and the other for eatery and café. 

There were even some workshop organized like salad making, desserts, handicrafts, warli paintings and image consulting. I couldn’t attend the other workshops but was interested in image consulting workshop by Personage, but unfortunately it got cancelled due to time constrain. On my request I was given an extremely short overview on accessorizing. However she promised me that whenever they conduct a workshop on make-over and accessories they will inform me and I can then have proper demo. Even plant nursery had showed up at the event.

Plant Nursery
The pop-up stalls that participated were Madpoi, Food-E, Icing On-Top, Amyrah, Light of Life Trust, Peta, Canvas Tiny, Sinful Surprises etc… Cremica, they had live demo for salad using various dips/ sauces. Sky Goodies had a unique cut-n-fold craft materials for kids. GoldLeaf had very interesting bottle LED lights and Advance Art had beautiful paintings on display.

Advance Art

Light of Life Trust

Sky Goodies

Sky Goodies
The café area was well shaded and beautifully illuminated with handmade basket lantern. 

I took small round to check out on stuff, eatery like Maroosh had chicken rotisserie roasting the layers of chicken. Cake me out, Small Wonders, Honkey Pokey, Bean Therapy, Gola, Good Juicery, Yellow Box etc… had their stalls set at the café. Just Unjunk as the name suggest wanted us to go healthy yet tasty food at his stall.

Chicken Rotisserie
Just Unjunk
Ice Gola
I finally decided to try stuffs from Yellow Box. All the products displayed looked fresh and inviting. The menu had quick filling interesting items and I went for Smoked Chicken Slice Croissant and Chicken Potato Chop. The Croissant was soft and fresh, the stuffing was nice and succulent. It has good amount of smoked chicken pieces. I then went for the Chicken Potato Chop. At first I thought that it would be like a normal chop but I was surprised to see the chicken filling inside. It was very soft and crisp from outside and perfectly spiced moist chicken mince inside. This was actually very yummy.

Yellow Box
Smoked Chicken Sliced Croissant

Chicken Potato Chop

Chicken Potato Chop
I crossed the Good Juicery stall, they had 3 type of sparkling juices Pink Guava, Apple and Passion Fruit. They were giving samples for tasting; I liked Pink Guava and Passion Fruit. As I have sour tooth I went for Passion Fruit.  As the name suggest it had slight sparkling effect to the juice and extremely refreshing. This was exactly what I needed in this hot summer afternoon. It not only quenched my thirst but also gave instant energy.

Good Juicery

The interesting stall was Bean Therapy. They had different types of exotic flavored Belgium Dark Chocolates. There were Chocolate with Black pepper and Mango, the peppery taste actually hits the back of your throat.  Elalchi Sauf had an enlightening mouth-freshener taste. Guntur Chilly indeed gave a hint of chilli at the end.  They also had Toasted sesame and Goji, Organic Bergamot and Hemp flavoured Chocolates. Lemon rind was something very unusual with tiny pieces of lemon rinds, my favorites among all.  The best part was that Chef Sanjoy got a cooler especially for the chocolates, so that they don’t melt.  This was the only stall with cool breeze and the privileged ones were the Chocolates J .  It was like taking care of his babies, how sweet J.