Monday, 30 June 2014

Palak Tambli

Tambli is a traditional curry from North Karnataka. It is quick, simple and easy that involves no cooking. This curry is ideal during hot summer as it keeps your body cool. It is coconut based curry using green leafy vegetables. Besides cooling the body it also adds the goodness of green leafy vegetables to the dish. This works like a magic for mothers, who wants to feed their kids healthy and tasty food. As the greens are hidden but still has all its nutrients intact. This is severed at room temperature with plain steamed rice, pickle and chutney. However the best accompaniment is Bendi and plain steamed rice (Bendi recipe is posted in my previous blog). It has many versions, this is authentic Konkani version and one of my all time favorite dish, even when I was a child. 


½ bunch Palak Leaves
3-4 green chilles
½ cup fresh coconut (scraped)
½ tsp oil
1tsp jeera
small marble size tamarind
salt to taste


Boil the palak leaves and keep it aside to cool. Slit the green chillies and set aside. In a small pan heat oil and add jeera and chillies. Fry till the jeera changes its colour. Grind fresh coconut, tamarind, boiled palak, jeera and chillies together to a smooth paste. Remove this paste in a vessel, add water to form a curry consistency and salt to taste. This should be served at room temperature with plain steamed rice, pickle, chutney or papad and bendi.(Bendi recipe in my previous blog).

Suggestion tips:
  1. Instead of palak you can use any other green leafy veg (e.g cauliflower leaves, tendli leaves, radish leaves or navalcol leaves etc) and follow the same method.

The green curry is 'Palak Tambli'.

Note: Recipe for accompanying curry 'Bendi' in my previous blog.