Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sushi Making @ Busago

The term Sushi always awakens my taste buds. So when I got an invite for Sushi making @ Busago I immediately dived for it. The place was nice and warm on the first floor level. I noticed that sushi making ingredients were kept ready on some of the tables. Wow !!! so now we will be making sushi…how exciting J. This was something I was looking forward to and finally I am going to learn how to roll a sushi.

Ingredients for sushi
Chef Nikhil Chib who owns the restaurant taught us how to make a sushi. Post the demo we were asked to make our sushi with 15 different ingredients. The unique ingredients were coconut milk and condensed milk. We were divided into groups and each group was making their uniquely flavored sushi. The judges Nikhil Chib and his wife Natasha then tasted all our creations and the best sushi was selected to be on their menu.

Chef Nikhil Chib demonstrating the Sushi Roll
We were four in our group and we decided to make one veg and two non-veg sushi. I was so excited to experiment with different ingredients and tried my hands on the non-veg with chicken sausage, coconut milk and few other ingredients. And another was like California Roll with Salmon, wasbi, asparagus etc. Now it was judging time. All of us were very curious to see the expression on the judge’s face and the awaited for the results. Finally the judges declared two winners one veg Green Geisha made by Saloni’s team and the non-veg sushi was won by us. We named it 3C- Crooked Cocount Chicken. It was absolute fun creating the sushi roll and all the more coz our sushi roll is now a part of the menu.

3C (Crooked Coconut Chicken) Sushi, The winning non-veg Sushi
After all the fun filled activities, the day ended with the Busago famous Khow Suey. Another memorable part of the day was the Chef Nikhil Chib’s pet Rottwieler moving around and inspecting our activities.

Chef's Pet
 Seems like Chef culinary skills have been rubbed on the pet as well.