Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dabur Vatika Jasmine after every hair wash-day ... Keeps the Frizz Away ....

Having a bad hair day?  Problematic hair?  Flyaway hair? Unmanageable hair? Worried about frizzy hair? DABUR has the solution for all your hair problems….

Actually, I am born with frizzy curly hair. An invitation from Indiblogger for the launch of Dabur Vatika Jasmine non-sticky hair oil, (which claims to unlock the solution to frizz hair) sparked my interest and I attended it with full gusto. Atleast I will learn how to manage my locks. It was my first ever Indiblogger meet.

As soon as I entered, I was a bit nervous to be amongst unknown crowd, then suddenly I spotted couple of familiar faces I literally breathed a sigh of relief!  We were welcomed with pineapple – lemonade and coconut water refreshing drinks.

The event opened to a rocking performance by the IndiBand, playing Pink Floyd - 'We Don’t Need No Education' and Poker Face by Lady Gaga. 

An ice-breaking session started with self introduction of some of the bloggers. It was pretty amusing to see a cocktail of all kinds of bloggers i.e Lifestyle bloggers, Fashion bloggers, Make-up bloggers, Travel bloggers, Food blogger, Photo bloggers, New bloggers (or shall I call them newborn bloggers J), First timers Indiblogger (Like me), Bloggers who have turned into Fulltime bloggers etc… I was exposed to a completely new blogger’s world and it was so nice to know all of them.

After the introduction we were shown a presentation on Dabur range of products starting from 1940’s till date. While watching the presentation it made me nostalgic of the Dabur hair oil ads I used to enjoy seeing as a child.

Then, the Marketing Head of Dabur, explained us in detail the company’s history & their products. He further explained that Dabur Vatika Jasmine hair oil has silicon oil, nourishment of coconut oil enriched with vitamin which locks the hair moisture and keeps them smooth & frizzfree. This is mineral oil base which is light non greasy, which aims to give you manageable and less frizzy hair.

The scientific aspects of the hair care products were explained by their Scientist from Department of Research and Development with a power-point presentation. According to him,“Frizz is a condition of unmanageable, unruly hair because of high or low humidity, hair damage etc.” And jasmine flowers have properties which combat the frizziness. They have extracted this magical property from the flowers along with the fragrance in this non greasy Dabur Vatika Jasmine hair oil to create Frizzfree crown.

Now was the time we all were waiting for a Launch of DABUR Vatika Jasmine Hair Oil. The launch was done in a dramatic way with a spray of Jasmine fragrance all over in the hall. And a Life size bottle slowly pops up in the middle of the stage from the cloud of smoke all over with a colorful focus lights and music.

Later, to get the ball rolling & to put us at ease Indibloggers got us all in pairs and we started playing –Rock, Paper, Scissor game. The winner got the change to mess-up the loser’s hair. In the first round I won & got the change to mess-up my partner’s hair. Then in the second round it all boomeranged on me and I ended up getting my hair messed up.

After this fun and games was followed by a session of sharing our home remedies (or ‘Daadi maa ke Nuske’ to put it in Indi-Desi style) and tips on hair care. 

All these activities got our stomach growling for some Fuel. An array of mouthwatering buffet was spread in its grandiose splendor awaiting to titillate our taste buds. The buffet comprised of Italian counter with mini pizza, pasta in béchamel sauce & tomatoes sauce, garlic bread. And a good spread of Indian dishes at the Indian counter which served piping hot pukka, naan (garlic & plain), dum aaloo, paneer matar, dahi vada, rice, dal tadka, papad ,corn nuggets in cheese sauce was so yummy that it became my favourite, making me go for the second serving (are few of dishes which I recollect). How can one forget to end the lunch without a sweet note??  To beat the sweltering October heat, we were served Ferro Rocher ice cream, Apricot cream ice cream, Rasmalai and blueberry cheese cake, which was like a Paradise for people with a sweet tooth.

After the Peth-Puja it was time for some relaxation. Indiblogger had arranged a Champi section for all to pamper themselves. So we all let our hair loose for the champi, hair-do's, hair setting, hair styling etc… and indulged ourselves in some pampering with our hair make-over. 

Need to mention that an interesting thing occurred whilst having my hair set, which got me totally impressed with the product Dabur Vatika Jasmine Hair-Oil.  Apparently, I am allergic to floral fragrances & even before I could mention this to my hairstylist, he had already applied 2-3 drops of Dabur Vatika Jasmine hair-oil to my hair. And Lo Behold !! To my utter amazement those Jasmine drops did not trigger any nasty after effects !! May be because it was just a drop or two. The stylist informed me that it acts like a serum and I should apply just a drop after every wash to keep frizz at bay. So for me this Dabur Vatika launch meet was like ‘Come with frizzy hair and leave with a perfectly Frizz-Free, manageable & beautiful hair with Dabur Vatika Jasmine Hail-Oil J.

Surprises just didn’t cease with Frizz-Free magic portion…the bouts of surprises concluded with a wonderful Goodie Bag handed to me. This contained 
1) Dabur Vatika Jasmine Hair-Oil
2) Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair-Oil and 
3) A surprise product Philips Easy Straight and Shine Hair Straightener.

Indiblogger you Rock !!!

This was my first ever Indiblogger meet and I enjoyed thoroughly by gaining knowledge, making new blogger friends and getting an exposure to a whole new blogger’s world… And yeah not to mention the surprised take away goodie bag too J… 

Some photos courtesy : Indiblogger facebook album and Anahita Irani