Sunday, 25 October 2015

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

To bring a smile on children’s face is a tricky task. You never know when and what brings a big grin on that cute innocent face. Sometimes a small little thing like toffee can bring big smile on their cute face, or even a greatest toy won’t do any magic on them. Children are always fussy about food and the most challenging thing is when it comes to their eating habits. But there are ways and tricks to feed the fussy kids, the food that he/she dislikes and Mc Cain has very well mastered it. Their range of food products are so tempting that no child would resist.

The other day one of my family friend paid a surprised visit with her 4yrs old kid. I started wondering what to serve them especially the lil cute brat and suddenly I remembered McCain’s French Fries and McCain’s Smiley stocked in my freezer. I normally stock some as they are like my last min savior during surprised guest visits.

The best thing about these products is that they don’t need to be thawed, ‘Out from the freezer and straight in the Kadai (frying pan)’, isn’t that easy, simple and quick??

When I came with fried crispy French fries the kid had a sparkle of excitement in his eyes and the world’s broadest smile I had ever seen. While he was relishing merrily the French fries, suddenly he asked me “Smiley Aasa?” means “Do you have Smiley?” in Konkani. I nodded positively with a smile. To that he said “Tari te suddhai dee navey” meaning “Give me that too”. He was so excited to know that I had smiley too stocked. Very few times it happens that kids actually demand for food. 

I believe that we first eat with our eyes, which means a visually appealing dish automatically triggers an increase in appetite. And McCain has indeed proven it by introducing Smiley. It is simple mashed potatoes, seasoned and shaped into happy faces that actually brings smile on every kids face. They are nice and crisp from outside and soft and smooth from inside.

A packet of Veg Burgers Patty is another product which wins smiles over many teenagers and youngsters. An instant last min fast food stuff. Just get it out of freezer (Do Not Thaw), and follow any one of the cooking methods mentioned on the pack.

Cut the burger buns or pav in half, arrange lettuce, cooked burger patty, sliced tomato and onion. Spread some mayonnaise or tomato ketchup or burger mayo and cheese slice ... Voila … Your Veg Burger is ready to eat... Can making burger be easier than this? … This surely creates happiness and smiles amongst teenager and youngsters reveling in their all-time favorite fast food without making a hole in the pocket.

Mc Cain also has taken care of cheese lovers with their products like ‘Cheese Jalapeno’ and ‘Potato Cheese Shotz’. Which undoubtedly can stir similar effect of excitement and awaken the hidden child within …

So till then Keep Munching Mc Cain and say “CHEEEEEEESE”….. and grab your packet of Mc Cain

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Photo courtesy :  McCain website