Friday, 7 March 2014

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Part 2

I am back … let’s continue our journey … As I said we had cookery workshop platter laid for the entire week.

Volunteer assisting Chef with 'Pandan Leaf Wrapped'
Renowned Chef Vikas Seth from Singing Kong demonstrated some dishes and was generous enough to share his special and signature recipes with us. He not only shared his recipes but also made the audience participate in it. So it was a two-way and the most interactive workshop. Few lucky people got a chance to work with such a great Chef and I was one of themJ

He started with the recipe of ‘Pandan Leaf Wrapped Spiced Cottage Cheese’. The marinated cottage cheese was wrapped in pandan leaf and roasted. The entire hall was filled with the aroma of the Pandan leaves, which was similar to our basmati rice. The aroma was so irresistible that we all were eagerly looking forward for our tasting portion; finally we got our plates. Before we could even take a bite our smelling senses had become hyperactive to activate our taste buds. The cottage cheese was slightly charred with the flavor of leaves and soft in texture. It was cooked to perfection. A blend of sweet & sour with sensational aroma, it actually took us to a different world.

Steamed Open Bun-Textured Soya Wheat Black Pepper and
Pandan Leaf Wrapped Spiced Cottage Cheese
Next he showed us ‘Steamed Open Bun- Textured Soya Wheat Black Pepper’. As the name suggest the bun was steamed instead of baked. It was then stuffed with the Soya Texture and served with pickled cucumber. The bun had a soft yet a firm texture and the filling was excellent. Though it was veg dish I would get a feel of roasted chicken, it was like molecular gastronomyJ.

Last was Chef’s Signature dish Lamb Rendang. Can you imagine a Chef disclosing his signature dish??? No wonder he is known to be one of the Best Chef.  How truly said that knowledge multiples as you divide. 

This dish had maximum amount of ingredient and a slightly long process. But it was worth the wait as the taste was completely out of the world. The dish was served over the steamed rice. Not only that he ensured to get the veg version (tofu and mixed veg), so that the vegetarian's are not left out. In short the session served us with a complete meal.

Generosity does not ends here; chef gave a take away parcel box to the audience. The box had 4 pieces of marinate Cottage Cheese wrapped in pandan leaves, a container of coriander chilli soy sauce and extremely spicy House Screaming sauce. We just had to roast the cottage cheese parcels at home. He told us that since we got a chance to taste; this was for our family. Could we ever ask for more????