Monday, 3 March 2014

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Part 1

As the name suggests ‘festival’ it truly brings out the festive mood in you. It’s a 9 days long festival which brightens and enlightens you and takes you away from your daily stressful routine life. I call it a getaway festival coz it’s a gateway to our relax temperament. It takes us back in those golden days of school and college, where we used to spent time in developing our interests and hobbies.

The festival involved every age group and interest of the people. So be it kids of 3 years or senior citizen of 85 + years, noticed that they all got involved with equal enthusiasm.  The events and workshops were perfectly categories into Children, Cinema, Dance, Food, Heritage Walks, Literature, Literature (Children), Music, Theatre, Various other workshops. You just have to choose your pick.

I being an avid foodie obviously selected food workshops. There were almost two workshop everydays for all 9 days. Yes, it was a gastronomic journey for all foodies J. For those who have missed the workshop, don’t get dishearten I’ll take you to the kaleidoscopic tour of the food workshop.

Junior MasterChef Emanuel

The opening of the workshop was done by a little master Junior Masterchef  Emanuel. He was such a cute little chef and full of positive energy that we all got keyed up. He impressed all of us with his ease on the work counter and ingredients. He showed us few recipe of Nutrela and he wanted us to ask him questions related to it. But we all so impressed with his cute little personality that rather than asking food related queries, people started pouring some personal question like whether he cooks, what was his favorite food, whether he help his mom in cooking, when did he start cooking etc…and he very smartly answered them all. He said that he is only Emanuel for his friends when someone asked him whether his friends call him “Junior MasterChef Emanuel”.  
Junior Masterchef Emanuel in Action

He had great knowledge of the key ingredient Nutrela and went on giving out the nutritive value of same. Nutrela Burger, Nutrela Soya Dry Red Chili, Nutrela Tossed with Greens, and Kachne Aam Ki Shami were the few recipes he showed us. This was soon followed by tasting samples. The final product was so tasty; it was actually unbelievable that a 9 year old child could cook like an expert.  He was a perfect example of proficiency and innocence.

There were many more chefs and demos lined up. I’ll take you around, however hold on your horses …J …. Stay Tuned … Will be right back …. Tour Continues …